Q: I got the good ending, and how come Maria said that it does run in the family? A:

[Skully/Tiffany]: Playing through the game the second time might help you.  If you do, you might notice there's a piece of paper in the Open Room.  It read:

"I'm back to my old self...

"Killing solely out of interest...

"Then it must run in the family."

Apparently, this was written by the insane Dr. Alfred Drevis, and apparently Maria even said, "You are right... It does run in the family... Doctor..."

Q:  Hey, I've played Misao, and Miss Library and Aya looks so alike.  Why's that?


[Unknown9580/Jason]:  We've answered this on Misao's wiki, but we'll repeat it again:  If you take off Miss Library's glasses, you can see that Miss Library looks a little like Aya:

  • The bangs on Miss Library's hair looks and is styled the same.
  • The color on both Miss Library and Aya's hair is the same.