Snowball sprite large
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Rabbit (Possibly a clone)
Family Aya Drevis, Alfred Drevis, Monika Drevis
Allies Maria, Aya Drevis
Snowball is Aya's pet rabbit.


Snowball is a small, albino white rabbit with its key features being its white fur and piercing red eyes.


After meeting Ogre, you can go back into the room, and take Snowball. He is used in Storehouse Entrance to get the lighter oil from the Storehouse. Once used, he'll run off back to the nursery. If you interact with him after that it will state that Snowball is relaxing.


Snowballs first appearance is directly after the intro. During this time, he is sleeping soundly in Aya's room, and can't be interacted with. After meeting Ogre, Snowball is awake, and can be taken. After using him to get the lighter oil, he returns to the nursery and remains there until the ending. He does not make an appearance until the true ending, at which point he leaves with Maria and Aya. Snowball also makes an appearance in a couple flashbacks.

Before the ending, you can find jars with dead rabbits that look like Snowball in it. Based on one of the flashbacks, it can be concluded that these are indeed 'Snowball', and are either clones, or just different rabbits. Another theory suggests that Snowball was created from some parts of the rabbits.


  • There are jars that contain dead rabbits that looks like Snowball, according to Aya, but with varying injuries. One has a torn belly and another has a cut in the leg.
  • As Aya is actually mistreating her pet, the 'original' Snowball may perhaps been injured when Aya played with the chainsaw, much to her father's displeasure.
  • In one of the flashbacks, it was stated Aya was searching for him and he was injured. Aya's father returned Snowball to her, but he was healed. One of the rabbits in the jars has a wound in his leg, which means Alfred in fact did replace the real Snowball.
  • During the true ending, outside Aya's new home, a small burial on the left side of the house was Snowball's burial since her father (Alfred Drevisis gone he wouldn't be able to make a duplicate of Snowball for Aya.
  • Though without correlation, the rabbit shares its name after the cat of Lisa Simpson of the US animated show The Simpsons, whose lineage is also lined with successors due to how each cat died an unusual and early death; while Snowball the rabbit was replaced without Aya's knowledge, all of Snowball the cat's deaths were witnessed by Lisa, to which one episode had her forget of a show's worth of Snowball deaths and simply rename a luckier black cat Snowball The II in light of the ordeal.