48px-Name.svg.png Conjecture
Mute Subject's name is purely conjecture, as no official name has been released. This name will be used until an official name is realeased.
Mute Subject
Mute Subject B
Age Unknown, possibly late 20's - early 30's
Gender Female
Species Human
Family Unnamed Parents (deceased)
Allies Aya Drevis and Subjects
Enemies Alfred Drevis

Mute Subject, also known as Armless Woman, is one of the subjects of Alfred Drevis that comes back to life during the curse, or presumably representing another form of entity.


She was a young woman, with long wavy black hair, and light green eyes, in addition, she has dark circles underneath her eyes, possibly due to lack of sleep.

Mute Subject has been called "Armless Woman", which would indicate that she was missing her arms, which isn't noticeable at first because looking at her sprite during the gameplay, it is obvious that she still has both arms. But in the game Alfred Drevis says to give him her hands. When her corpse is found, however, she no longer has arms.


Mute Arms2

Mute's sprite shows that she has arms.

  Since her role in the game is small, nothing much is known about her personality. She at first refuses to let Aya down the stairs, but is later willing to barter with her. The only real emotion shown from her is during the flashback of her death, when she is completely overtaken by fear and can't get away from Alfred.


Cutscene 011 02
Mute's Terror

She is first encountered in the looping corridor, where she keeps Aya from going down the stairs. Aya attempts to speak with her, asking her to allow her to go through. Mute says nothing, and begins to follow Aya. When Aya leaves the corridor, she asks why Mute is following her. Mute says nothing, and after a few seconds, Aya asks if she wants to get out. Mute nods, so Aya says that she'll take her outside as long as she allows her to go down the stairs. Mute agrees, and follows her to the corridor. Then she disappears.

When Aya goes back inside the hall, she sees a flashback of Mute Subject's death through her eyes. Mute is seen standing in the middle of a room full of tables with corpses. When she heads toward the door, it opens and Alfred walks in. Alfred tells her to stay still, and asks to begin, telling her to give him "those beautiful hands". Mute attempts to get away, but falls over with Alfred coming towards her with his chainsaw.

Mute's corpse is found lying in the corridor when Aya returns. She has no arms then. Mute is also believed to have been mute because Alfred cut out her vocal chords, although this is only a speculation.

It is also possible that she was mute before she became one of the Doctor's victims. This would make the removal of her hands way more cruel, as they may have been her only means of communication.

It is also possible that she may be a ghost, instead of a revived corpse like other subjects: she is initially shown "complete", then she walks, disappears, and then is shown as a (presumably real) mutilated body on the ground... Aya initially not seeing her dead body may be part of the looping corridor illusion/magic, but that's just a speculation.


  • Mute Subject is the only human character in the entirety of the game not to speak.
  • Aya Drevis experiences the last moments of the Mute Subject before being murdered by Alfred Drevis through hallucinations.